Glider Flying ... in the world of Catering Catering, Banqueting, Weddings and Receptions, Parties, Events, Weddings, Business: "Goodness and Taste" is the "claim" of our organization. In every aspect of our work these are essential values:
"Goodness" meaning the ability of our senses to perceive the authenticity of what our chefs have created for you. Nothing will be left to chance; the careful selection of raw materials, the freshness of the products of our territory used in the creation of the menu, combined with the experience and the continuous innovative research.
"Taste" as an expression of "beauty, elegance, sophistication" in the care of the details, the personalization of the stands, in the planning of your events that will always impress in their sobriety.
All this will make your stay unique and unrepeatable event.
Every event is our event.

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